I dreamed a dream…


It’s such a simple concept right? Wrong. For as long as I can remember I have had some funny sleep issues. I’ve never really had a problem though because it’s just me, and the next morning I’m not usually aware of what’s occurred and I just get on with my day. But since I’ve been with Steve, I’m a bit more aware of my sleep habits and I guess a little more sensitive to the issue. We’ve been married a little while and I’m kind of waiting for an “episode” to occur just so we can clear the air and move on.

The last big episode started as usual with me in my bed, sleeping. The next morning I woke up as normal, went to work and then I got a phone call. It was a random guy calling and he said “I’m just calling to check you’re ok after last night”, at that moment I had all sorts of scenarios going through my head. Was I drugged? What happened? I asked him what he was talking about and he said “you called me last night very late and you said you were lost and you sounded really upset. I just wanted to check that you were safe and ok”.


I was so confused at this point. I looked at my phone and sure enough, it turned out that I had called this poor guy at 2:00am and slept talked my way through a 15 minute conversation with him. I apologized to the guy and mentioned that I have a bit of a sleep “thing” and that most of the time its funny. He assured me that he was ready to call the police and that perhaps I should have it looked at.  I still haven’t made up my mind whether to explore it any further, I am aware of the safety risks associated with sleep walking but for the moment, it’s really just another part of the colorful life of Sasha.

I know that when it happens again Steve will no doubt have a laugh and be so great about it, like he always is with all my other bits and pieces. But I wonder.. am I alone here? Does this happen to other people… Tell me about your sleep moments. I’d love to hear.

P.S. I’ve noticed I’ve been getting a few views of late so “hello” again. Thanks for reading and I am more than keen to hear any feedback of which way you would like this blog to go.

Happy Monday!

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