Things look different from up here

Steve and I put the roof on our pergola this morning. Well to be honest, Steve put the roof on and I watched and handed him tools. Steve and I have been married for 3 months and since we became engaged we have been putting work into our two bedroom townhouse to make it more comfortable. The pergola has been a work in progress but today we got he roof on, so I am very happy to have an undercover area out the back that we can use to entertain, in the near future.

It was also my Mum’s birthday today. I guess I should clarify given there are two of them on the scene as it is often a topic of confusion.

This.. is Mum. Aka. Lorraine. Aka Mumsy. She is the lovely woman who put up with countless years of non-stop screaming (I was a reflux baby) and embraced the colourfulness that is me! I am very grateful to have her.

IMG_3371So there you have it. May seem mundane. I hope that I can learn to go a bit deeper on here but for a while I think I will play it safe until I get the hang of this blogging thing.


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